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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Bonsai Making

I would like to prepare bonsai trees,

The main things for the preparing bonsai are as below.

Selection of Pot
It should be wide and very small in height for the idle one.

Selection of Soil
Mostly I would like red soil in three types: stones, thick soil and thin soil,

Selection of Plant
It should be a tree mostly of the related area.I would prepare
Banyan Tree (ficus religiosa) for the same.

For more details click here


pranav bhatt said...

Ohhh I know that you are so fascinated towards nature.. but this is the fist time I come to know about your Bonsai Love.....

Nilima said...

when i come back home,u have to present me with a bonsai made by you..That would be my rakhsha bandhan gift in advance.

JAY said...

tell me pandya
wh8 is this bonsai thing????
and second ,
how did u get this weird idea???