Nature Vs Computer - ASP.NET with C# and SQL Server, Indian wildlife, Bonsai etc.: June 2008

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Bonsai Making

I would like to prepare bonsai trees,

The main things for the preparing bonsai are as below.

Selection of Pot
It should be wide and very small in height for the idle one.

Selection of Soil
Mostly I would like red soil in three types: stones, thick soil and thin soil,

Selection of Plant
It should be a tree mostly of the related area.I would prepare
Banyan Tree (ficus religiosa) for the same.

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Saturday, June 21, 2008

About Pranav Bhatt

Pranav Bhatt from Rajkot is one of my best friends.

We know each other since standard 8th. He likes Indian cricket most as compare to other sports.

After completion of BE Electronics from D.D.University,Gujarat He is eying for further studies, By the way after completion he had worked for idea but one day he got an idea to leave idea and started dreaming about USA.

Now he got the admission from US universities but after knowing the temperature at that places he is buying all the winter cloths and started putting them on.

Let see on the 3rd of July he is appearing for his Visa interview and Hope we can increase an NRI.

Dwijen Pandya is the inspiring person for bhattji.

On the 3rd July 2008, Finally bhattji got student VISA for USA. But he is worried about the bus service over there, Coz he never used any other transportation service except ST, So he is planning to start his own bus service at NJ, because of the oil price his such ideas have been burnt and planning to get a good cycle and trying to make pollution free environment.

So finally Bhattji has decided to go USA on the 8th of August of this year, now he is in search of room over there, but he is not getting the bed for his length coz his height is continues increasing on and on like bamboo. so he is trying to solve this issue.

Keep it up bhattji....